Website Development RFP Checklist

//Website Development RFP Checklist

Website Development RFP Checklist

Website Development RFP Checklist

Onit Digital News   •   January 18, 2018

We know that it can be difficult to put together a website development RFP that will help you find the right partner. There are a number of website development company options available.  Use this checklist to help you find the perfect web development company. Go to

Section #1:  Your Company Background and Objectives

The web development RFP must begin with a description of your company and stated objectives.  This is important in that you want to find the right cultural fit for your company and for your project.

The right-sized web development firm will have a record of doing projects about the same size as the one your seeking to do.    They will also have a PnL that reflects the size of companies that reflect many of your current vendors.

Section #2:  Website Development Company History and Current Standing

Finding the right partner with your website RFP means that you have a solid understanding of the website development company history, background, prior work and current standing bästa trådlösa i örat som du kan hitta.   Here’s a handy list of items to put in this section of the RFP:

  • Provide at least 3 references.
  • Identify your process – show us how you will complete the work described.
  • Please provide 3 case studies of similar work.
  • Describe your competitive differentiation, customization capabilities and ongoing innovation.
  • Identify your current financial standing.  Please provide a current balance sheet and PnL.

Section #3:  Website Requirements

This is where the meat of the proposal will reside.  Be detailed about the questions you are asking.  At a high level, here’s what you’ll be looking to put in this section of the Website Development RFP:

  • User Experience:  Highlight the look and feel you’re trying to achieve, the load times and design requirements.
  • Platform: Describe any CMS platform you may be looking to build on top of.  If you don’t know what CMS you want, then give enough information about your needs so that the website development vendor can make a recommendation.
  • Responsive Design:  Describe the number and types of devices you’ll be looking to support.
  • SEO:  Describe your requirements for search engine visibility.
  • Page and Asset Management:  Describe how your organization would like to manage images, video and pages.
  • Analytics: Detail the types of reports and the analytics system(s) that will be required for the project.
  • Migration/Launch:  Describe how the organization would like to be supported during launch.
  • Services / Support:  Describe the post launch maintenance you are expecting and how you would like to take final hand off of all website development project assets.
  • Detailed Pricing and Terms:  Describe how you would like the project phased. Which pieces of the project you would like broken out for pricing purposes?  It’s always helpful at this point to give the website development company some type of expectation on budget.  This will avoid spinning cycles while everyone is trying to guess.

Section #4:  Dates and Contact Information

In this section of the RFP you’ll need to provide detailed contact information and rules of engagement for your website development company.  This will allow them to communicate with you appropriately and in a timely fashion, visit  Typical Website Development RFP schedules contain the following dates:

  • Release date of the RFP.
  • Questions on the RFP from the website development company.
  • Response to all questions.
  • Finalist announcements.
  • In person interviews for finalists.
  • Award date for the job.
  • Contract negotiation and completion date.
  • Project start date.

Finding the right partner isn’t always easy, but it’s easier if you’re asking the right questions.  We hope that this Website Development RFP checklist provides a solid start to your efforts, visit   Another great resource on this site gives 5 tips for finding a website development company. Click here for more information.

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