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Project Description

Ralph Lauren

Website Design Company - Ralph Lauren
Website Design Company - Ralph Lauren


Onit was invited to perform as the lead organization for all back-end and front-end development for the entire GSI Ecommerce solution across multiple retail brands.  This arrangement resulted in a 2-year partnership up to the point when eBay purchased GSI Commerce.

  • Creative Strategy

  • User Experience

  • Technical Architecture


Key Engagement Features

  • Engaged as the lead development organization
  • Provided a proven turnkey solution for GSI to launch nationally and internationally
  • Developed sophisticated Java based (Spring/Hibernate) code
  • Simultaneously, effectively supported multiple brands’ ecommerce sites
  • Provided faster and more efficient releases of enterprise level ecommerce for GSI clients.

TDD techniques and tools ensured clear communication between business analysts and developers to deliver business-aligned product solutions.  A Continuous Integration (CI) process for delivery made use of automated testing to ensure a very large team was only checking-in quality code.  These processes increased overall time to market, ensured end-to-end testing processes were tight, and created fast load times for all applications directly out of the gate.

  • Website Development

  • Content and Creative Development

  • Program Management

Program Development
Tech Development
Creative Development
Web Development


Summary of Benefits

During the 2-year tenure, Onit helped GSI to:

  • Shrink overall budget by millions
  • Increase speed-to-market
  • Improve overall client satisfaction
  • Integrate improved testing methodologies resulted in faster code, improved load times

GSI is a stellar example of Onit’s ability to jump in and get the job done. We provided excellent code in a turnkey process.  Significantly, Onit was not only a development team tasked with getting the nuts and bolts ecommerce work finished; but we were also a business partner that helped them identify methods and areas where costs could be cut while increasing production.  Over our 2-year tenure with the company, we helped them shrink their overall budget by millions while increasing speed to market and overall client satisfaction.

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