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M&Ms Character Creator

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M&Ms and their partner agencies were creating a robust gaming experience to launch during the season premier of American Idol.  The game included a Character Creator application that was the online equivalent of the classic Mr. Potato Head game.  Consumers choose 3d elements from a library and colorize them to create a custom character.

There was a lot of pressure to not only create a groundbreaking experience, but also to deliver it on a hard-stop deadline.  Millions of dollars in media were at stake and tens of millions of people were due to arrive.

  • Creative Strategy

  • User Experience

  • Technical Architecture


As part of the project team, Onit Digital was first in charge of acting as “General Contractor” to all of the creative and technical partners – working in between a highly technical boutique production shop and two global ad agencies.

As the deadline loomed it was clear that many parts of the project were not going to be completed unless extra resources were brought to bear.  Specifically, the project hughesairco.com/ needed more 3d parts for the library and a custom application that converted a lo-res custom character to a hi-res/print ready image so that it could be ordered and printed on a t-shirt and other collateral.

  • Website Development

  • Content and Creative Development

  • Program Management

Program Development
Tech Development
Creative Development
Web Development


Onit completed the project just in time for the launch EMS site – having brought in many supplemental resources of its own.

After the deadline, it was clear that there were many fixes to be made to the original application.  The boutique agency was dismissed for lack of progress on consumer issues and Onit Digital took over to re-architect much of the original application.

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