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Project Description

Website Design Company - Choose Nissan
Website Design Company - Choose Nissan
Website Design Company - Choose Nissan
Website Design Company - Choose Nissan


Nissan needed to scale up its regional marketing program to accommodate incentive offers across 215 DMAs.  Specifically, they needed to launch customized offers for each vehicle and each offer type.  Without the proper toolset, management on this scale would be expensive if not impossible.  A custom technology platform would be necessary in order to manage what would be come tens of thousands of offer combinations.

  • Platform Strategy

  • User Experience

  • Platform Architecture


Onit delivered the initial release of the “Dynamic Integrated Marketing Engine” (DIME) in 2009 and has been improving the platform ever since.  This platform drives offers across all regions and across all of Nissan’s critical media distribution points.

  • Platform Development

  • Enterprise Level Architecture

  • Enterprise Level Hosting

Platform Architecture
Tech Development
Enterprise Web Hosting
Web Development

DIME Platform Features

  • A publishing platform that allows for the creation and management of unlimited promotions
  • An assignment engine that assigns promotions to targeted geographic regions
  • A measurement API that ties in with Omniture, Webtrends Doubleclick and Google Analytics
  • Zip code processing that allows consumers to find their local promotion by entering their zip code
  • Direct linking capability that allows consumers to be taken directly to their localized promotion
  • Translation of local links that allows for local click through on media campaigns
  • IP Intelligence API that allows for tie in to IP based location services for even more rich targeting
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