Emerging Web Design Trends

//Emerging Web Design Trends

Emerging Web Design Trends

Websites are often your first opportunity to make a good impression with a prospective customer. The
internet is filled with lots of info and your website must be different to attract viewers. Most
significantly, it should engage them so they can utilize your content.
Irrespective of your industry, you have to follow the fundamental web design principles. You need to
make it beautiful, user-friendly, and incorporate all appropriate details required for telling your story.
On top of everything, your web design procedure must be encouraging.
For this reason, we check out website design trends every year. 2021 has also brought some amazing
web design trends. It’s a year for new solutions, originality, responsive design, and aesthetic extremes.

Top Trending Web Design Trends for 2021

1. Videos as Design Components
Videos are always omnipresent in website design. In case you need to add interviews or promotional
videos to your website, videos are the best way to involve your audience by enthusiastically delivering
crucial data.
Now videos are playing a new role in website design. From being totally informational, they are
converting to design elements. Due to the seamless creation of new technologies, now videos can be
included in the website design in exciting and new manners.

2. 3D Illustrations
The lines between virtual reality and reality are confusing. 3D effects and strategies in the 2D space are
good instances of this in action. Designers are exploring every 3D element, from animations and
illustrations to scenes made with images and objects.

3d illustration example
Source: 3D Illustration
Illustrations can add 3D effects and intensity with shadows and simply the right concept in the creative
procedure. And this might cause something that has a more realistic feel.

3. Organic Shapes
Although geometric shapes were one of the big web design trends in 2019, organic shapes have taken
place in 2021. Fluid or organic shapes are everything that does not include straight lines. These are the
shapes that occur in nature, such as a river or lake’s edges, hills, and how they are winding and

organic shapes example
Source: Kidszoo Landing page
Organic or fluid shapes can amazingly break up a website’s segments without rough angles or lines.
Moreover, they can be perfectly utilized in the background, like the way Android utilizes circles behind
every item on their homepage.

4. Dark Mode
Dark mode is one of the most popular web design trends for 2021. It is trendy as it offers a low contrast
application or website that you can easily browse through in low light environments. It helps
you highlight a particular content type as well.

Dark Mode Example
Source: Finance Dashboard
Additional Dark Mode benefits:

  • Dark mode works as a battery saver.
  • It gives your device a cool and modern appearance.
  • Your eyes don’t get stressed while using a device in low-light environment.

5. Changes in Scrolling
The changes in scrolling have already transformed the way users operate websites. This latest trend is
going to stand out in 2021 with the transformation of scroll animations, horizontal scrolling, and

scrolling example
Source: Planet X landing page
This is why websites are getting more accessible and engaging instead of just playing a media role that
connects users with web activities. These transformations not just help users get more engaging
experiences but gather basic info from websites.

6. Parallax Animations
Parallax is an optical illusion that we see in our daily life. It occurs when nearer objects seem to move
quicker than distant objects. The parallax effect on website pages looks so surreal and real.

parallax example
Source: Surfing
The use of background and foreground for creating depth has another advantage of immersion. It
converts the computer screen into closer to a theatre stage. Since users browse through website
pages, they consider its performance as magical.

7. Maximalist or Minimalist Extremes
Both maximalist and minimalist web designs are in trend in 2021. Minimalist website design grows on
simplicity, uncovering extra design elements. However, its less-is-more strategy can make a powerful
impression on the target audience, offering them an easy user experience.

minimalist example
Source: Apple
On the other hand, maximalist web design will focus on a no-holds-barred tactic in 2021. This approach
gives value to creative expression rather than order. The advantage of adopting a maximalist web
design trend gives you more freedom and there is less restriction when it comes to sharing your ideas.

8. Light Colors
Want your visitors to keep looking at your web pages? Then, opt for light colors. This kind of lowsaturation,
comfortable colors are sometimes grayed-out or dulled, just like a cloudy day.

minimalist colors example
Source: Zara website redesign exploration
Many web designers utilize muted colors for displaying minimalist looks. Moreover, these colors also
offer a more elegant and natural feel.

9. Cursor or Mouse Actions/Icons
You might miss this small trend if you don’t focus on your cursor or mouse actions. As you hover, click,
or scroll your cursor or mouse, their states transform into interesting things. This amazing trend not
just displays the capacity of the design but helps make users happy.

Cursor or Mouse Actions Example
Source: Menu and filter
This fun trend makes users want to browse from their desktop even more as its many small effects do
not feel similar on a mobile device.

10. Neumorphism
This is one of the most popular and ongoing web design trends in 2021. It contains 2 concepts –
material design and skeuomorphism. Although it executes a minimalist approach, it serves a sense of
3D in the form of buttons and other design elements.

neumorphism example
Source: Rent a Tesla – Website Concept
Neumorphism depicts the color of the full screen and gives an outstanding user experience. At the
time of selecting a color, choose a color that glorifies the shadows on a neumorphic web design. All in
all, it gives an exclusive look.

11. Retro Fonts
Unique fonts have been a staple of website design, but now they have become very uncool and fell out
of favor. However, instead of simply reusing the previous typography, designers these days are
reimagining those conventional typefaces for 2021. Vintage fonts of past decades are now featuring
new shades and have come with a new fresh look.

retro fonts example
Source: Retro Car News

12. Vector Art
You can always add exclusive graphics to your website to enhance its look. It does not mean you will
sacrifice its loading time and quality. However, it is quite challenging in terms of website designing.
Vector art is the best solution to this difficulty.

vector art example
Source: Educational Website Landing Page

The files’ SVG format enables users to scale the visuals as per their requirements while keeping up with
original graphics’ quality. Vector art files’ availability makes us expect that website design trends in
2021 will experience the growing existence of these highly amazing illustrations.

It is obvious to predict that eye-catching, captivating, bright, and clean websites will be on trend for the
remainder of 2021. The websites should use video and animations to boost the user experience.
Moreover, a thumb-friendly design can positively influence consumers and generate revenue.




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